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DT-601CG Series
Bidirectional Counters with an Arithmetic Function

The previous DT-6CG Series bidirectional digital counter with an arithmetic function has undergone a full model change to launch this new series. Equipped with a drip-proof front panel (equivalent to IP66), which is suited for use in environments such as places where food or pharmaceuticals are manufactured. In addition, the following features have been added to handle a wide range of measuring environments: universal voltage compatibility (AC 85-264 V), BCD output, and compliance with the RoHS Directive.

A full model change of DT-6DG

Capable of a wide range of unit conversion and indication
Note: Be sure to read the information in this document when considering DT-601CG over DT-6CG, or when replacing
the model.

A new design with a drip-proof front panel (equivalent to IP66)
Suited for food and pharmaceutical production lines

Universal voltage (AC 85-264 V)
A DC12-24 V type is also available upon request at the time of order.

BCD output
Compatible with various input/output types to adapt to a wide range of measuring environments. (Analog output and line receiver input are optional.) 

Compliant with the RoHS Directive

Compliant with the regulation that restricts the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment.


No. Code Description
1 None Single phase input (individual, command) *1
RE Dual phase input (phase) *1
2 None Without BCD signals
B With BCD signal output *2
BI With BCD signal input *2
3 None Universal voltage (AC 100-200 V)
DC Universal voltage (DC 12-24 V)
4 None -
4L Digital switch with 4-digit input
6L Digital switch with 6-digit input

*1: Select the dual phase input for a 2-phase encoder. Bidirectional counting using an encoder is not possible with a single
      phase input model.
*2: Output and input cannot be used simultaneously.

Operational Modes Count-up, Count-down, Reversible
Input Signals NPN open collector signals; Voltage pulse signals (L: 2 V or less, H: 3.8-30 V)
Power Source AC power source type: 85-264 V (50/60 Hz); DC power source type: 12-24 V (±10%)


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