Force Gauges and Test Stands

FGS-VC Series (Vertical Type)

FGS-VC Series Motorized Test Stands for Force Gauges (Vertical Type)

FGS-VC Series
Motorized Test Stands for Force Gauges (Vertical Type)

By changing digital force gauges (push-pull gauges), loads ranging from 2 N to 2,500 N can be measured with this force gauge stand. The USB interface and specialized FGT-VC add-in software, which is available free of charge, allow the stand carriage moving distance and load data to be easily transferred to a computer and displayed as a graph.

A wider range of loads
Loads ranging from 2 to 2,500 N (0.2-250 kg) can be measured. Various types of digital force gauges can be mounted.
Note: Digital force gauges are sold separately.

FGP Series FGPX Series FGPX-H Series

(Digital force gauges other than the FGP Series listed above can be mounted as well. However, please note that separate adapter plates are required to mount them.)

・Longer stroke
The mounted force gauge can be moved by up to 400 mm to perform various types of tests.
・Wider speed range
The wide travel speed range (10-400 mm/min) allows the force gauge to respond to various test conditions.
  Easy to use
・Uses an LCD on the operation panel
Key switch layout for easy operation
 ・For switching operation modes
 ・For setting travel speed
 ・For displaying distance and travel speed

Dedicated Software
USB connection
Distance and loads are displayed as graphs

Specialized FGT-VC software enables measurement data to be easily transferred to a personal computer. The stand carriage moving distance and the force gauge load data can be simultaneously transferred.

* The FGT-VC data transfer software specially prepared for the FGS-VC digital force gauge stands is available for download. Click on the Software Download link below to move to the download page.

Load capacity 1000 N (100 kg), 2500 N (kg)
Supportable force gauges FGP Series, FGPX Series, FGPX-H Series


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