Force Gauges and Test Stands

FGP Series

FGP Series High-performance digital force gauges

FGP Series
High-performance Digital Force Gauges

A series of high-performance digital force gauges (push-pull gauges) with capacities ranging from 2 N to 1,000 N, which can measure pressing force, tensile force, peel force, etc. A USB interface is provided for connection to a computer. In addition, the specialized add-in software TORIEMON USB enables data transfer to Excel and allows data editing on a PC.


High-speed data transfer to Excel
We provide the add-in software TORIEMON USB, which can transfer measurement data to Excel at a rate of 100 times per second. The measurement data can be efficiently edited on a PC. *Excel is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
High-speed sampling
High-speed data acquisition is possible, such as high-speed peak measurements at a rate of 1,000 times per second.
Memory function
Three memory modes are provided: Continuous, Single, and Standard. Can store up to 1,000 sets of measurement data (Continuous memory mode).
USB compatible
Adoption of the highly versatile USB interface allows easy data transfer to a personal computer.
Comparator function
The measurements for acceptance or rejection of results can be made with the preset upper and lower limits.
Measurement versatility
In combination with a motorized test stand, various types of measurements can be performed.

Measuring range
of the series
±2.000 N, ±5.000 N, ±10.00 N,
±20.00 N, ±50.00 N, ±100.0 N,
±200.0 N, ±500.0 N, ±1000 N


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