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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This website is managed by NIDEC-SHIMPO CORPORATION (hereafter referred to as "this company"). Please use this website having acknowledged each of the following items.

Regarding Copyright

The copyright for all the contents that appear on this website (graphics, text, information, programs, etc.) belong to this company. Any diversion or citation of the contents without permission is prohibited under the Copyright Act, with the exception of that for personal use, etc. permitted under the Act.

Regarding Our Trademark

The rights to "SHIMPO", "NIDEC-SHIMPO CORPORATION", "RINGCONE", "ABLE" , and other trademarks and logos belong to this company. Any use, etc. of these trademarks or logos without consent from this company is prohibited under the Trademark Act, etc.


Regarding the data that appears on this website, although paying close attention to it, this company cannot guarantee its accuracy, validity, or usability, etc. Use of this website is done at your responsibility, and this company will not accept any responsibility in the event that damage occurs from any such use.

Our Idea of Personal Information

The personal information that you provide on this website may be used for customer service purposes. In such cases, personal information will be protected according to the following policies.

The personal information subject to these policies is the information you provide on the website, i.e. your name, address, email address, telephone/fax number, gender, date of birth, occupation, and other information which can identify you.

Information you provide on this website will not be used for any intention outside of the following areas.

  1. For sending materials such as catalogs at the request of the customer
  2. For correspondence to inquiries regarding products, etc.
  3. For the improvement of the website
  4. For repairs and associated confirmation
  5. For product delivery, any related after service, and other kinds of business dealings necessary for transactions
  6. For implementing business activities such as information advertising and publicity relating to products and services
  7. For correspondence on audits and surveys about the company
  8. For necessary correspondence toward solutions in disputes, etc.

We will not disclose or provide third parties with personal information without your consent.
However, this shall exclude where any of the following apply.

- Having obtained your consent regarding disclosing personal information.
- Upon request by law or government authorities where disclosure is deemed necessary

This company will abide by the applicable laws and rules regarding the personal information held on this website, as well as make appropriate revisions and improvements to the above mentioned items.

Regarding Links

Please contact us here regarding links to this company.

In the event a link to this site is considered inappropriate it may be declined. Furthermore, not having received a reply from this company is in no way an indication that the link has been approved.

If linking to this website please set it to the main page (http://www.nidec-shimpokeisoku.jp/en/). With regards to third party websites linked to this website, the management of any linked website remains their own responsibility, and is not to be placed under the management of this company.

Please note that the contents and/or address, etc. of this company may change without notice.


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Regarding Contents

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