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Instruction Manuals

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Force Gauges and Test Stands

  • RS-232C Communication Comand table for FGP series Ver1.00
  • FGPX Series Digital Force Gauges4.7MB
  • FGS-100VC/250VC Digital Force Gauge Stands97591B(628KB)
  • FGP Series Digital Force Gauges92751B(1.2MB)
  • FGS-50L Digital Force Gauge Stands178KB

Tachometers / Counters

  • DT-501X/501F Digital Tachometers98211B(640KB)
  • DT-5TXR/5TFR Digital Tachometers91841A(3.6MB)
  • DT-6CG Digital Counters1.05MB


  • DT-326 LED Digital Stroboscopes568KB
  • DT-311N/315N Digital Stroboscopes1.7MB
  • DT-315P Digital Stroboscopes772KB